Visual Artist

I am not a typical a designer or photographer. I don`t have special education, but I have extensive experience. I spend most of my time not at a regular job but (involved) in art and noncommercial projects. I am interested in any visual arts but not limited, anything starting from leather products and homemade tattoos to movie making.

If you want to work or collaborate with me, please contact me.

If you want, you can see a few of my works on the online portfolio services like flickr or behance. I think this can be better way for show my works in different fields of art.

If you want to work or collaborate with me, please contact me.


About me

"You go where you look"

Vasilij Betin mathematician and programmer by training, photographer - by vocation.
"Bestmagazine" 2011

His photographs are playful, but at the same time thoughtful. They are not accustomed to: the ever-changing situation, light, perspective, image format. They are interesting and attract the eye. They are not documents of the time, they are supplemented by a more profound meaning. He has experimented with everything. Using the TV as a light source for figure modeling model, a system of mirrors - to show us a different world. Large-scale images from the bird's flight, which thickens the presence of loneliness in the image. Vasilij found a good balance between experiment and professionalism in fashion photography.
"" 2012

Vasily is a young artist. His main areas of interest is the visual arts and the interaction with the audience. Mathematics education which he received in Russia allows him to look differently at things and perceive the essence. For 6 year career as a photographer, he received a good experience and reputation experimentalist. During this time he was published in different magazines dedicated to contemporary art around the world, was participated in group exhibitions in Russia, China and South Korea, has worked with leading fashion magazines and avant-garde designers in Russia. However, recently he changed his preference. Experience in photography, design and understanding of things has allowed him to take a good start in the video. In less than a year of work, he formed his own recognizable style. His photographs come to life. He always preferred the night scenes and dark tones, the deep understanding of lights. In China, he grew a sense of rhythm and dynamics in his works, that charged by large cities. People in his works are always lively and not emotional, but despite that they can express more than our usual methods. He is an urban artist, for whom every object alive and unique.

I do not like permanence, I like to change and like it when things change around me. I can shoot fashion photography - and the next week immerse myself in documentaries; I can shoot classic portraits today - and tomorrow experiment with mirrors and lighting systems.

  • 2002  A silver medalist of the international exhibition of children's art in Japan.
  • 2011 "Black and White Portrait " organized by Khabarovsk Photographic Society
  • 2012 “The Passion of Joan d'Arc”. Joint Project with the designer of clothes Elena Rudermel.
  • 2011 – 2012 “Best in Khabarovsk” magazine
  • 2012 “Cirkumfleksmag” online art magazine 2012/2
  • 2012 “NOW” online art magazine
  • 2012 website
  • 2012 website
  • 2012 “” design magazine/blog 
  • 2013 “Room181” online art magazine
  • 2013 website
  • 2013  The 24th China Photography Exhibition
  • 2014 “The patch of road” at “Best in Khabarovsk” magazine
  • 2014 "SuperChina. How to make superhero" at HLEB.ASIA magazine
  • 2014 "Sakhalin: A look through the lensat “Best in Khabarovsk” magazine
  • 2014 Flight 33 Productions, documentary series "Secrets of the Earth"
  • 2015 "Aging Dragons", group photo exhibitions, Seoul, South Korea
  • 2016 "Artist`s diary" was presented at "Unofficial Realms. vol1", Shanghai
  • 2016 "My personal Utopia" was presented at "Unofficial realms. vol2." Shanghai
  • 2016 "Fantasy: Flat design and digital art", LP art space, Chongqing, China. Group exhibition and workshops of young artists who use new media and interaction in their works. The main topic of the exhibition - creating another reality.
  • 2016 "The Friends" solo exhibition. Chongqing, China. The photography solo exhibition of portraits of my friends.



phone: +86 185 2342 0552
              +86 188 7503 4727

skype:  vasilijbetin

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I’m open to new interesting projects so feel free to contact me.