My personal utopia


I was born in Russia in a small industrial town at the far east. I graduated from Polytechnic University, majoring in mathematics. After graduation, I moved to Khabarovsk and lived there for two years. Since the end of 2009, I became interested in photography. Initially, I was interested in portraits and fashion shooting. Was worked with local magazines. Sometimes published in international magazines dedicated to contemporary art. In late 2012, I received a grant to take a master`s in China, majoring in filmmaker. Since then I arrived in Chongqing. My life and preferences have changed. Most of the time I spent on traveling and studing the place where I live. I made several major trips in Asia and Russia. I was fascinated by street and genre photography. As time goes by emphasis in the photos and videos got increasingly reduced to the documentary and journalism. Now I'm moving in this direction. I came to this project recently. There was a decision to make a book about Chongqing. Reviewing the material and walking around the city, more and more I began to pay attention to how people live. I have something to compare, after living in small Komsomolsk. In the summer of 2014 I took a trip to Sakhalin. He impressed me with the specifics of life on the island. It gave me an even greater understanding about life in closed and limited spaces.


However, Chongqing became for me something more serious than yet another residence. It is very closely connected with my experiences and thoughts. For those, who know me, it will not be a secret that I live in my own world. Chongqing gave me the basis for this. This is my little personal utopia. It reminds me of the old movie "Metropolis". I never set myself the task of making a complete picture of the city, as well as I do not attempt to objectively convey life in it. That's impossible. All these works are just my feeling, what I feel and remember being in it, how it affects me. This is my world of mazes and people. A world where people are poachers in these jungles. you need to adapt them for yourself. Soon I will leave this city. I always leave. This work is my tribute to this city. This inexplicable phenomenon. Enough grim tribute. But I would not call my thoughts gloomy. Limited space is manifested in the limited light. This is actually a very sophisticated city, with its chaos and waste. With its constant weather and smog. Most of the population is beyond the threshold or at the poverty line. But they are happy people. When I go out, I see thousands of smiles. I see children playing and old people scurrying everywhere, players cards and smiling ban-ban. Therefore, my photos are about people. Even where the people are not present in the picture.





















I find it interesting to watch and I`m very curious about how this city will be in the future. But this we will see later.