Vasily is a young artist. His main areas of interest is the visual arts and the interaction with the audience. Mathematics education which he received in Russia allows him to look differently at things and perceive the essence. For 6 year career as a photographer, he received a good experience and reputation experimentalist. During this time he was published in different magazines dedicated to contemporary art around the world, was participated in group exhibitions in Russia, China and South Korea, has worked with leading fashion magazines and avant-garde designers in Russia. However, recently he changed his preference. Experience in photography, design and understanding of things has allowed him to take a good start in the video. In less than a year of work, he formed his own recognizable style. His photographs come to life. He always preferred the night scenes and dark tones, the deep understanding of lights. In China, he grew a sense of rhythm and dynamics in his works, that charged by large cities. People in his works are always lively and not emotional, but despite that they can express more than our usual methods. He is an urban artist, for whom every object alive and unique.


Show Reel `15
Everything you'll see in this showreel was created with love, gut and mind. No VFX, just camera and good cinematography. Good start for first year in video production.
Have fun!



Music video for "Atlas Genius" on track "Stockholm"



Short documentary movie "Artist's diary: Long Zhang"

"Make each day your masterpiece." John Wooden.

That video was part of group art exhibition in Shanghai "Unofficial Realms".
For me, the main masterpiece of all artist`s life is his life. Not some canvas or movie, not music, it is all collaterally. The real artist all time displeased with his works, he wants to improve it. He wants to be better. To enjoy life at least. After you will die you will leave dozen things, if you were successful - hundred and thousand. But your main work will pass away with you. Your life. All that years that you spent to be better, to learn stuff, to improve your skill, all your relationship. Everything will die.
That short documentary video is my attempt to understand artist`s life and his work, to understand him like a person at first. What is he like? What is he do and for which reason? What is he think and how is he communicate with people around him? I think that it became a bit long and boring sometimes, but just in case if you want to see it for entertainment. If you will analyze every frame, you can understand a lot about Long Zhang, about Chinese young culture. It suppose to be series of short documentaries about different artists.



My resolution was "Never stop". Ever I need take a picture. Even I tired. If you I will stop, I will die. My road is a constant motion.
If you have what to say, If the road is your life - join us

Music generated on



Promotional video for New Year Ave party.
"A Nameless gathering,
A Shamless pleasure.
Throw the old and past away.
Be anyone you want to be
On a brand new day."
Music by Art's Difficult aka ELVIS.T
Camera and post Vasily
Thanks to: Dean, Lurenz, Olya Petrova, 戚华洋, 唐沛沛 



The first experimental project of OddCinema. We try to involve more people in the process of making a film. Stop being just a spectator. You can be more!
For join us or any additional information please visit the



Short personal story for Darya G
Starrings: Daria Gorlova and Mitya Ku
Music: Jeff Tweedy – Simple Twist of Fate, Charles Wright – Express Yourself, Del Shannon – Sunny, Foals – Spanish Sahara, Birdy - Shelter, Michael Buble – Always On My Mind
Vasily production.



Promo video for WAZA tattoo studio in Guangzhou



Promotional video for pole-dancer



Promotional video for Golden Queen SM Show.
A dark story about our hidden dreams and feelings.



Promotional video for strip dancer.
starring: Nadezda Doronina
director and cut: Vasily Betin
music: Nirvana - All Apologies
NIN - Closer
OAKE - Erstes Buch Desterieh l Remm



When nothing to do. When night cover you life. Make a right choice. Don`t be Nice.




Anna Zenkova and FireBeat promo video.
Singer Anna Zenkova.
On drums Ilya Kvasoff
On keyboard Kirill Pahar.
filming, editing and color grading by Vasily Betin




Promo video for DJ Bastet
filming, editing and color grading by Vasily Betin
music: Royal Blood - Out of the black
Safetysuit - Find a way
Ben Frost - You, Me And The End Of Everything
Sandro Silva, Quintino - Epic (Original Mix) UYO