"The hardest things of all to see is what really there"

The way we perceive the world has not much in common with the actual world around us. In terms of visual processing, the brain can effectively process only about 1 percent of the information that it takes in. All the images that right now you see are constructed by your brain rely on a prediction machine and personal experience. Mental images are the process of recreating and constructing not only dreams but the reality we living in.

For this project, I decide to use various 3D printed cameras that not only reflect on the process of direct memory formation by remembering but uncertainty and imperfection of raw materials and technics that will never allow creating a clear image of the fact.

The image on the film represents the process of image construction from the tiny bits of information and allow for the spectator to fill in unblurry image or shapes with their context and memories.


3D printed cameras, 120/135 film