Dialogues with machines

Dialogues with machines

This series of works was created with the modified text2image computation model. 

The ability and imprecision of the small models allow us to explore these synthetic minds. It's like a low-resolution blurry and noisy model of the world we are living in. There is no chance to control or steer it in the direction you want to. Only exploration of the ideas and meanings inside of the limited latent space that reflect our own biases and concepts.

The dialogue between the machine and the person became the tool of this exploration and creation of artworks. The synthetic mind translates meanings and words into a visual language that should be deciphered and interpreted by a person. This imperfect, uncertain feedback loop of biased interpretation leads to the birth of new meanings and insights. The imperfection of possible communication in the attempt to understand each other sources not only the conflicts but also the primary source of creativity—the process where each part of the conversation inspires the other without intention. Hours of discussions and exploration about the world order, origin of knowledge, and life of ordinary people.

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