umwelt (plural: umwelten; from the German Umwelt meaning "environment" or "surroundings") is the "biological foundations that lie at the very epicenter of the study of both communication and signification in the human [and non-human] animal

" UMWELT(复数:umwelten;起源德国,意为环境周围)是每个关于人类与非人类动物的交流与意义的研究中心的生物学基础

In the age of rapid shifts by technological evolution, agents (human and non-human) began to challenge reality on a novel critical level. The advance in technology and knowledge constantly gave us a better and clear understanding of the world around us. Not anymore. Nowadays, the complexity of the world and concepts, an immense amount of data, and knowledge revealed to us how insignificant our understanding of the world is. If the real world even exists. Nick Bostrom's "Simulation argument" gives a big shot to the most probable outcome - we are living in a simulated reality. "Double-slit delayed choice" quantum experiment reveals that we can change past into million years by making our decision today. Space and time are doomed. Polarization of society exposing more things that we can not agree with our closest species - another person. Machines that we teach today will teach us tomorrow.

The world of 7 billion people is the 7 billion realities rendered in our minds. The question of free will is less free. How much of your decision comes from you rather than from the social and cultural background you grow in, conditioning of your mind for corporate and political profit? Nietzsche`s "God Die" started a new era when we failed to believe in the superpower and existence of God. How would we name the day when there is no one you can trust and believe? Even yourselves.

"Umwelt" is an art exhibition that would like to invite artists to use their superpower. The ability and desire to show the world they live in. The personal experience and perspective show the diversity caused by our limitations in perception and understanding. The ability to show, see and experience other`s reality could be one of our chances to survive, and to the infinite joy of curiosity.


Collaboration between NFT platform PUSTOTA that want to build new artist-centered curatorial experience with integration of digital works into the "real" world, PLANET ONE - the next generation public space that mixes physical and virtual world, and SOKARIS studio to curate, conceptualize and make these connections real.
NFT平台PUSTOTA希望通过将数字作品融入现实世界,来建立以艺术家为中心的新策展体验,PLANET ONE是混合物理和虚拟世界的下一代公共空间,而SOKARIS工作室负责策划,概念化和使这些联系发生。

LOCATION: CHINA, SHANGHAI, Planet.One 上海虹口区东长治路588号白玉兰广场L1-09
EXHIBITION TIME: 12 sep 2021 - 12 Nov 2021