Born in the dark
Childs of the chaos
With rays and the mater
Inherit from parents

Explore them himself
With torch at the night
The crowd of relatives
That stay by their side

Don't try to control
It doesn't have sensee
Explore and play
And see how it made

Our world is the genuinely generative masterpiece of billion forces in this universe. The Polaroid series is just a way to express and explore the analog way of creating generative works using light and different materials, embracing the uncertainty of random events and meditative processes.

Generative artworks are reaching their peak popularity in recent years. Advancement of computational power, simplicity, accessibility of technologies, digitalization of life - many reasons bring generative art into popular widespread. The visual part became the goal of the works, not only the tool to visualize information. Tools and software allow us to experiment and simulate different systems and use visual language to visualize them.

Digitalization of our life brings us unlimited virtual spaces where we almost don't have boundaries and limits to our imagination. Meanwhile, we are paying less and less attention to the analog world. I am fascinated with the complexity and complete unpredictability of our world. If we look around at the details of the world, we will see masterpieces of the generative nature of things. Scratches on the wall in composition with splashes of dirt and traces of the glue from someone advertising. This fascination leads me to document these masterpieces and desire to work with a more tangible medium rather than a virtual one.

This series of works is one of many experiments I conducted in the past years. A big part of this work was produced during the first lockdown in Shanghai in 2020. I am working on this online exhibition and writing this text while being locked again at my home. Instax polaroids films were used as a canvas where my brushes are any object I can reach in my house, and my paint is nature of light and chemistry of various liquids and mater.

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Instax polaroid film, light reflection materials (glass, broken glass, metal parts, prism, bottles, etc.), light sources (flash, laser, screen, etc.), chemistry (alcohol, water, disinfectants, toothpaste, marinade, etc.), environment (fire, freezer, hairdryer, etc.)

Captivating Experiments with polaroid photos and disinfectant substances in order to render and mimic the beautiful, yet dangerous, microbiological world of viruses" Diana Roman


  • "Under the rock", group exhibition, Shanghai, MUSE&uM, 2020
  • "Abstract" online exhibition. 2020
  • Virtual experience (polaroids.vasily.onl) 2022 - till the end of the internet