First artificially generated tattoo

I love tattoos. I like to use my body as a canvas for artists I meet in my life. I usually have just one request — I don't want to see image before they made it. If I choose artist — I trust his work and style and I want to give him a full freedom to do whatever he want without any supervision from my side. This way I even got my back tattooed in 9 hours by two artists. No sketch, everything on me, freestyle.

As I working lot with technology and generative art, why do not put an generative image on me? Why do not give this freedom for an artificial artist. In most cases they will follow algorithm that reprogrammed by person. That how i got my first generative tattoo. One of my first generative work from 2016 when I started to move in this direction.

So, next step to get a tattoo from artificial artist that not really follow algorithm, but that has some freedom in action. Here comes ML (Machine Learning) image generation models. One of them — StyleGan, that allow you to generate quite detailed high resolution images that sometimes hard to distinguish from real once.

Full process description and thhoughts you can find THERE