My Personal Utopia 2012/16

My Personal Utopia

I never set myself the task of making a complete picture of the city. As well as I do not attempt to objectively convey life in it. That’s impossible. All these images are just my feeling about being there. My world of mazes and people. A world where people are poachers in these urban jungles. All you need to adapt them for yourself, or you will be adapted. 

This book is my tribute to this city. The city that I fall in love with. This inexplicable phenomenon. Tribute. The grim one. But not gloomy. Limited space is manifested in insufficient light. This is actually a very sophisticated city, with its chaos and waste. With its dark sky and smog. With its deeply hidden soul.

If you want to see and know the city, you should explore it during the day time. When people shape and dominate the environment. If you want to feel the city if you want to fall in love with the city. You must come on a night date with it. When the city becomes its true self.


Book, 116pages
Hight quality photographic art print.

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