“I’m not running away, I’m moving on.”

― Irvine Welsh

The beginning is always tightened. As an artist, you often don’t know what you’re doing and for which reason. What will eventually come out of it? The right way is only one — to move on. Trying. Experiment. Hold on to your choice.

This project is an example and the result of such movement. It all starts with nothing. Night walks and sense of freedom. Curiosity. Interest. You’re just going to see something new, to feel the city. Ignorance of the language, a new experience after the small peripheral Russian cities, prepared mind. It is all have played a role. All of this paved the thousands of new roads through the city that tightened me. I continued to shoot. I still continue to shoot without stopping. The process gives the feeling that difficult to refuse. He draws you like a drug on and on. But we must move on. When you’re on the street, you cannot predict what will happen and where what and who you will meet today. You can shoot a hundred shots in a couple of hours or do not take even a single one during the week. The case comes into play. Then you are left to chance even more power. You start to experiment. With the new technology, with more complex situations. With your feelings. And something new can be rise here.

A major role in this was played by the screenless action camera. It helps me to let aside the logic and trust to my feelings even more. The inability to see at a glance what you took (For me, this is one of the most important principles. Yes, it is convenient to see what happened and to make adjustments, but then you lose time and lose those feelings that lead you.) Night walks continued, sometimes they turned into the night ride. Everything could happen.

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